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Allergy Relief

Dr. Matt Peterson of Tooele Chiropractic is proud to present to you the BAX AURA PTL II by BioVeda Technologies.  The AURA is a revolutionary and alternative method for treating your allergy-related symptoms including skin conditions, respiratory symptoms and the discomfort associated with allergies.  Included in this list are foods, animals, pollens, chemicals, environmental, and many more.  The AURA has many applications and can even help with adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, rashes, eczema, or help you quit smoking.

BAX AURA PTL II by BioVeda Technologies


Millions of Americans suffer from allergies everyday.  The options to treat allergies include: medications (over-the-counter or prescription), immunotherapy (shots), prevention or avoidance.  The BAX AURA provides a safe, alternative method to these options without the side-effects.


Our clinical system utilizes Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT, or laser therapy), integrated acupoint stimulation, substance-specific information induction, nutritional supplementation, and homeopathic medications to help you overcome your allergy and health-related symptoms.


At some point your body has developed an inappropriate response to a substance, or allergen. The BAX AURA uses laser therapy to re-program the response your body has with that allergen. The BAX AURA utilizes the positive effects of laser light, i.e., increased endorphins, increased blood flow and energy, to modify the body’s response to that substance, or allergen.  The body then holds that substance harmless.  The BAX AURA program also utilizes nutritional and homeopathic substances that help aid the body to heal from the inside and to promote cell repair and detox.

The entire system can be
summarized with these 4 principles:
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